What is it?

The Ireland Wildlife Film Festival is the first of its kind in Ireland and seeks to bring stories of conservation and species preservation to the big screen while also striving to create a community of filmmakers and audience members who care deeply about environmental issues.

Why should I go?

Today we are witnessing habitat destruction and extinction at rates never before seen on our planet. Now, more than ever, it is of the utmost importance to advocate for the well being of the earth and our neighboring species. By coming to the Ireland Wildlife Film Festival you can take part in the historic inaugural year of the festival and come help foster a community of like minded environmentalist and filmmakers.

When and Where is it?

The Ireland Wildlife Film Festival will take place on Saturday September 14th in Cork at the Boole Theater Complex at the University College Cork campus

The city of Cork lies in Southern Ireland and is a short drive away from some of the most spectacular landscapes in the nation. The city has a myriad of excellent dining options and accommodations.


Do I have to reserve a ticket? 

No, the festival is free admission. Just make sure to arrive early to have seat in the theatre.

Is the festival children friendly?

Some of the films do contain depictions of animal violence, others show dead animals, or animal cruelty, etc. Please visit our Programme tab to read all of the movie synoposis. Show 1a, show 2, show 3a, and show 4a are suitable for all ages and contain none of what is listed above, so there is a suitable show throughout the entire festival.

Where do I park?

We recommend taking the bus or parking in nearby parking lots in Cork City Centre. UCC parking lots will be available but please note that they may full.

Where is it? 

At the Boole Theatre Complex at the UCC Campus. Visit this link for the UCC Campus map http://app.ucc.ie/maps/.

How do I apply?

Everyone needs to apply through Film Freeway. Applications close July 1, please click HERE to apply!

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