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The Ireland Wildlife Film Festival is the first of its kind in Ireland and seeks to bring stories of conservation and species preservation to the big screen while also striving to create a community of filmmakers and audience members who care deeply about environmental issues.

Today we are witnessing habitat destruction and extinction at rates never before seen on our planet. Now, more than ever, it is of the utmost importance to advocate for the well being of the earth and our neighboring species. 

How do I apply?

Everyone needs to apply through Film Freeway. Please click HERE to apply!



The winner for best Feature Film will receive 500 Euro and laurels.
The winner for best Student Film will receive 200 Euro and laurels.
The winner for best Short Film will receive 300 Euro and Laurels.

The film that receives the most popular votes will receive the "Best of Fest" award, this can come from any category. The "Best of Fest" will receive a special laurel.

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