Flying Elephants - A Mother's Hope


Prakash Matada


06 min 00 secs




The seemingly invincible Asian elephant is being decimated across Asia. Their home is lost to expansion of human settlements, agricultural fields, and roads and railways cutting sharply through the few and fragmented ancient forests that still exist. 'Flying Elephants' is inspired by a mythological fable, Gajashastra, which depicts these giants as they were recognised thousands of years ago — mystical and other-worldly. The short film, told through the eyes of a mother elephant, pits their glorious past against this century’s reality of survival in the Anthropocene, where elephants are run down by trains, electrocuted by illegal fences, slaughtered for their tusks, and forests are burnt in retaliation for damage of crops and property. With this film, it has been our mission to shed light on these sensitive, emotional, and socially intelligent creatures that rightfully deserve their natural world.