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Footprints of the Forest

Olly Pemberton

19 min 48 secs

United Kingdom


In the midst of mass extinction, we still don’t know what lives where...
A short film by award-winning director Olly Pemberton, ‘Footprints of the Forest’ highlights the power of eDNA as a new tool to help understand our remaining wild places at a faster rate to traditional methods.
To put this new science to the test, a small team embarked on a 10-day scientific expedition deep into the Peruvian Amazon to help understand what is currently living in a remote tributary known as Blanquillo, and how this data might be used to protect and benefit both the wildlife and the communities that live alongside it.
A visual immersion into the stunning Tamshiyacu Tahuayo community reserve, this expedition first sees this new technology heading deeper into the Peruvian rainforest than ever before.

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