GAINDA, A Conservation Story

Veer Supunya Devavrat

12 min 24 secs



A film on the Greater One-horned Indian Rhinoceros, GAINDA is an exclusive insight into the life of Rhinos in Assam. A story that highlights the lives of Rhinos, the natural & man-made problems faced by the species and what goes into conserving the heritage animal of Assam. The film breathes life into the essence of conservation by showcasing what it takes to survive in the wild. The message to conserve is psychologically realistic, Propulsive & resonant in the film and is targeted to a wide range of audience, especially the younger generation who are more inclined to fast viewership - in terms of the theme, pace and style. Conservation as a whole - is something bodiless and abstract, yet something very real and existent. The complex nature of this topic drives the film to faithfully guide the audience to try and empathize with nature. Through the lives of Rhinos, we understand the importance of conserving this species and to try to comprehend the complexities that characterize human-animal relationships.