Ireland's Wild Ancient East


Noel Marry


57 min 47 secs




The film starts ten thousand years ago when Ireland was almost completely covered by forest.
Brown Bears and Wolves once roamed these forests. 

Over time Humans arrived and the destruction of our native forests began. As we evolved finding Christianity some of our wildlife got lost along the way while others have been reintroduced with varying results. 

We spend some time with the wild inhabitants of the Saltee Islands.

On Irelands Ancient East some of our wildlife have adapted to our way of life learning to live along side us and while some are struggling others are doing well.

We follow a clever fox that is raising a family on a golf course while been fed by the local golfers.

There is a heart warming storey of a young Seal in distress being rescued. 

We document the return to this Island of the Great Spotted woodpecker after 200 years 

 It tells of the plight of species like the Golden Eagle, Red Kite, Hen Harrier,  Sea Eagle and much more.
Our native Red Squirrel is under threat from the invasive Grey Squirrel but is the Pine Marten its saviour.

We take a journey down the historic and beautiful Boyne Valley catching up with the many species that live among our Neolithic Sites, and touching on the heritage and history of these sites as we journey along the river Boyne travelling through the historic town of Drogheda to where the Boyne meets the Irish Sea at Mornington.