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Jessie Knierim

13 min 12 secs

United Kingdom


For Jason Reed, salmon are synonymous with life. He has grown up on the banks of California’s Klamath River where the Karuk Tribe have depended on these salmon since time immemorial. But in recent years, nearly all the salmon have stopped returning to the river to spawn. To save the salmon and his cultural identity, Jason is turning to natural inspiration – the beaver. Historically, the pools created by beaver dams have provided lifesaving refuge to salmon before they venture out to the ocean. But beavers have been wiped out by hunting and due to California law, the Karuk people are forbidden from reintroducing beavers to their land. So Jason and his colleagues are working on a plan to save the salmon and attract beaver back to the area – they’re building dams themselves. If he succeeds, Jason will not only save the fate of the salmon, but the fate of his tribe.

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