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Polers of the Okavango

Olly Pemberton

33 min 26 secs

United Kingdom


"Those who are born, raised and forged in our wild places are the pillar to any expedition’s success – and it’s here, in these moments where we learn the most. That is why there is one rule on every expedition I never ignore... always defer to local knowledge" - Aldo Kane.

The Okavango Delta is one of the most pristine wildernesses remaining on our planet. At its beating heart are the BaYei polers, a group of people who for generations have carved out a living in the Delta itself. Navigating the waterways in their iconic mokoro canoes.
To highlight what it takes to operate in this wild environment, world renown adventurer Aldo Kane joins an elite poling team aiming to traverse the entire Delta from the panhandle in the north to the Buffalo fence in the south near Maun. A 250km journey in traditional mokoro canoes through crocodile and hippo-laden waters.
This film not only spotlights the lives of the BaYei and their unique skillsets but also showcases the wild beauty of the Delta itself - and how delicately intertwined all those who depend on these waters are with each other.

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