To Find a Harpy


Director: Daniel O'Neill

Duration: 19:02

There is a bird deep in the forests of South America with legs as wide as a human arm, talons longer than a grizzly bear's and a grip strong enough to crush bone with ease. The harpy is the largest eagle in the Americas and the most powerful bird of prey in the world. But this ghost of the canopy is rare - so rare that many adventurers, scientists and avid birders have spent their entire lives searching, to barely catch a single glimpse.

Home to vast expanses of tangled rainforest, wide plains of natural savannah and winding river systems, Guyana is a global biodiversity hotspot. Over 80% of the country is covered by dense primary rainforest with almost its total population living on the tiny coastal strip. It is also the home to a rich indigenous culture living deep in the jungle who tell stories of their ancestors climbing trees that break into the heavens and of giant grey birds that carry souls to the underworld.

“To Find a Harpy” is the story of one woman’s quest into the world’s most remote and unexplored rainforest to fulfil her dream of seeing this mythical bird…

In the face of all the adversities on this ultimate “quest to see”, will mathematician, Natasha Ellison fulfil her dream and join the ranks of those lucky few people on Earth to see a harpy eagle in the wild?

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